Bob Bergey

Bob Bergey

I’m Bob Bergey, owner of Bergey.net. Bergey.net officially went online in October 2000, although I’ve been designing and hosting websites since early 1996. Wow … that was back when you had to explain what “the Internet” was … no wonder I don’t have any hair left!

This site was established to make it easier for individuals and small businesses to get their sites online, with just the right amount of help when it’s needed. My experience in Web design and hosting as well as expertise in photography has created demand for my services as a Web designer, Web host, discussion list host, e-mail consultant, and speaker on various Internet-related topics. Web hosting and design have changed over the years, and it’s easier and less expensive now than it’s ever been to have a professional, functional, regularly updated website for your small business.

I’ve fallen in love with WordPress, the popular blogging software. WordPress has evolved over the last couple of years into a powerful, easy-to-use CMS — content management system — so much more than just blogging software. This site is an example, done entirely with WordPress, easily and quickly.

Let’s get started on your site! Drop me an email using my Contact Me page, and we’ll get underway right away.